Men's Killin It Axle Breaker T-Shirt
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Men's Killin It Lifestyle "Don't Be An Axle Breaker" T-Shirt.


We've all heard the slogan 'Don't be a stick in the mud", right? Well in the mud scene, we take our trucks through some pretty nasty mud holes. While cruising through these mud holes, one of every mud truck owner's biggest fears is hitting a submerged stump or log. These stumps and logs are commonly refer to as "Axle Breakers". Mainly because coming into contact with an "Axle Breaker" at high speed driving a big heavy mud truck generally results in damage to your truck and a broken axle. So don't be an axle break, a.k.a., don't be a massive stick in the mud!!



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Men's Killin It Axle Breaker T-Shirt

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